Businesses feeling they need a presence on social media platforms feels very similar to the late ‘90s when every business felt they needed a website. Neither of these feelings is incorrect, however they do both miss the point. Why? Because having a Facebook or Twitter account is not what is important. It is what you intend to do with that account that is important. Communication strategies will vary from business to business and objective to objective, but in its simplest form, the reason you should be active on social media is that your customers are.

Having helped many businesses over the years to engage with their customers ‘offline’ we find the prospects of social media incredibly exciting. For the first time ever businesses have the opportunity to read what their customers are saying about them, have conversations with their customers, and ask for instant feedback. If done correctly, social media can be an incredible communication channel for your business. If done badly it is the equivalent of having a customer care telephone line and never putting anybody in place to answer the calls.

We can build a strategy for you to ensure your social media presence compliments your other activities. If you would like to get the ‘Media Juice’ flowing in your communication strategy get in touch to find out more.