Employee engagement


It’s generally accepted that your employees’ attitudes toward your organisation will have a significant impact on how they work and how they treat your customers. But more recent studies go further, and suggest high levels of employee engagement can also lead to higher rates of growth in your organisation’s profitability.

Employee engagement can be one of the single most influential factors in a workforce’s productivity. Yet finding out exactly which elements are key to motivate your team is not a straightforward task. Add to that the fact that many employees do not feel comfortable “opening up” in front of their employer, and the job becomes even more difficult.

Carefully thought through employee research can get straight to the heart of what it is that really inspires your team, and once you know how to get your people firing on all cylinders, you’ll also hold the key to maximising their productivity and your profitability.

“When the report was delivered it was well set out, logical in the presentation of its findings with clear and excellently thought out recommendations, which we have simply been able to translate into a clear, concise action plan. We have now circulated the report and the action plan to all the staff, which again has resulted in some excellent feedback. One staff member commented that ‘this was the clearest and best document that he had seen on how the company can progress and improve going forward’. We very much look forward to working with you again in the future.”

John Lockhart, Chairman, Lockhart Garratt Ltd