Trade Associations & Local Government


Industry trade groups come together for the greater good of their industry, but this does not mean that all members share the same point of view. As a result, ensuring a trade body is as fair and representative of all members and stakeholders as is possible can be challenging to say the least. Further complexities are added as many of those who sit on the board of a trade association are also members.

By using an external market research agency, your trade body will benefit from an unbiased viewpoint. Any results from subsequent research will then hold more weight amongst members and give a clearer direction to the trade association in terms of how it can improve its core services in the future.
More recently we have expanded our service offering to help local councils gather evidence for village and town plans. If you are in the process of formulating a village or town plan, please get in touch and we can explain how we will be able to help you with this process.

“Despite being faced with interviewing a host of hard-to-reach, small and medium sized business owners and disparate stakeholder groups, Juliet successfully engaged with each and every one. As a result, she identified important issues that would have ordinarily remained unknown. We are now using the insights she gathered to hone and shape our strategies to better meet the needs of all our stakeholders moving forward.”

Ian Hetherington, Director General, British Metals Recycling Association